Thursday, March 25, 2010

Found Objects.

I recently seriously cleaned up my desk, & found the following scraps: the Virgin Mary via la pieta book from the noho dump, many birds, the contents of my fridge at various points in time, vintage food porn, flowers, hamburgers, kittens, & of course of course Britney, apparently saved for something, what it was, long forgotten. I also found the origin photos for my core visual languages, i.e. nautical imagery, cows, abandoned bones, classic diners, street signs, eggs, cars. What to do next?
Collage & Draw of course.
Red Hook Diner/BABY DRAMA.
Downtown N.B./Is A Bird?
(dedicated to Beth, obviously).
Mussells/All About Annuals.
Ah, random collage with very specific rules. How I roll. P.S. My Desk is no longer clean nor organized, so more collage must be in the works.

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