Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ellen, eating

at home, before Double Bags and the Basement.

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Cirque Du Filet

Thank you for staying still and letting me drape my legs all over you, Gabby.

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Amazing Love goes away

Joe sat for an abnormally long time, allowing me to not only use two tones, but scribble furiously through the paper, I might post the relief later...

The lovely Dey Dey.

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Haymarket goes to Packards

Kate Senecal. didn't know I was drawing her.

Christina Grinell. knew I was drawing her.

Wade Ritchey. Wasn't there at the time, but I did ruin the drawing at Packards (whiskey).

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Wheels go back and forth...A ball just turns.

Wanted to "finish" this for a while, then realized it was done.

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The Haymarket has dinner now

Ellen was my date for the guinea pig dinner tested on staff and friends.
Food was good, there's a little on Ellen's cheek.

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Undetermined date. Greenbean cafe. Waiting for my man.

This couple(?) was sitting across from me at a table full of mostly empty plates hunched over and discussing...something.

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Gabby, at cirque du filet

Gabby was kind enough to actually sit for Lisette & I during cirque du filet. Hence, a much better portrait than I am usually capable of.

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Valuable Life Advice From Drinking & Drawing

written by me in my sketchbook during cirque du filet. I don't know. this is what happens when you give us drink tickets.

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Drinking & Talking

from cirque du filet. I am so, so glad that this somehow got written by me in my sketchbook. jed is right. us writing down the stuff we say should be its own blog.

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drinking on drinking on drawing on tigers on tigers

tigers on tigers. 6.28.2009, The Blueberry House. this was drawn during exclusively the feasting & napping (& drinking) portions of the event, where I learned there actually is a limit to how many hours straight I can drink & draw, & so I did not ever make it to the dance party...

The feast, before we ate it. Pulled pork, cornbread stuffing, hummus & pesto & flatbread, tiny cupcakes...among many other very wonderful & tasty things. rin & karen cleaning up the kitchen after the preparation of the feast. I am the asshole who was drawing them instead of helping. such is how we roll at Drinking & Drawing.
scott & dave outside.
scott & someone whose name I think is tom outside.
my plate of food on the grass. sadly I spent WAY too much time drawing this food, & WAY too little time eating it. poor awesomely delicious plate of food.
karen hooping.
the backs of rin & phoebe's heads.
rin x 2 (I am not a good portraitist).
scott painting his nails while dave g saws something (one of my favorite parts of the day).
karen painting scott's nails (even better). this drawing is helpfully illustrated by the actual nail polish used, belonging to rin. I believe the color was called "neon burst." it was declared by all to indeed be the nail polish shade a tiger would choose.
what rin drew in my sketchbook.
jessica during the nap.
scott napping.

more of the nap.
ella playing.
some feet observed during naptime.
NAPS are good.
That was my tigers on tigers experience. Who knows what happened during the show/dance party? Not me. So get out there and drink & draw, y'all. I can't do everything.

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Monday, June 29, 2009

Cirque Du Filet, Part 3

I invite everyone to click the above image for magnification, but if you can't read the text at the bottom let me please help you out: "ex-boyfriends are like human Tetris -- if you can just fit them into the right space they explode & disappear forever." -- Someone, 06/27/09.

We really need to start another blog just called "Drinking & Talking."

And then it was time for the Kielbasa Sisters.

And more poetry.

And Lady Libertine.

And then as though operating under the direct mandate of entropy, falling down.

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Cirque Du Filet, Part Too

Things got, you know, really exciting when the beats dropped. Xylophone style.

Leo Hwang, poet and husband to my 9th grade English teacher. Because yeah, that's not weird at all.

The Unnamed Comedian.

It was at this point in the evening that my and Liz's drinks ran out and the art began taking a turn for the worse. As soon as I saw this man's badly proportioned forehead spring from my pen I knew it was time to take drastic measures, i.e. badgering everyone in earshot to buy us beer. Thank you, Rob Murphy and John Peter, who actually did buy us beer.

Also, yeah. This guy was a jerk. Don't touch my friends. That's almost as bad as touching my fish.

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AL to the end...

You'll be missed, Wednesday dance night & fog machine...

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

liz's cirque du filet, part one

The final page in my sketchbook. I think it ended on a good note. Fat Worm of Error, at Cirque du Filet.
Pregaming at jed's house. my drawing of scenes from earlier in the day.
jed's burger from local burger. of course it started pouring rain while we were acquiring this burger, & we had run through the downpour in our fancy clothes to the 11's.
my entry into the amanda freeman drawing competition.
the john bobbitt experience setting up & jed's burger again. I had a bite. it was really good. local burger, why aren't you open until 3 on thursdays again?
rob murphy. plus a good line of dialogue between jed & I (our conversations were pretty genius last night. stay tuned from more). jed: do we have any use for burger grease as an art material? liz: yes.
the incredibly creepy awful man who sat next to me, put his hand on my leg, said he remembered me from the co-op, made a stupid comment about my tattoo, & then stole some of our collage material. yuck.
people in the audience.
to be continued, times one million. I filed an entire sketchbook last night. Look forward to my version of noise music, jesse&anna, my portrait of gabby, life advice from drinking & drawing, the john peter series & so much more.

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