Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Blue & Orange & Completely Abstract Afternoon

A September Moment.
Yesterday was a breathtakingly beautiful day, & Rin & I both had the day off from the grocery store.

So we sat in various places & looked at things & thought about them & how gorgeous they were & talked.
(& did NOT fall into the waterfall, thank you very much)
We didn't even draw, we just looked.
But this is how I remembered it later last night.
P.S. I was carrying around a coffee from Woodstar the whole time, so this definitely counts as DnD.

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More Grocery Portraits

A bit late as usual, but still I completed this challenge.

Amy & Cait, from today, 9.29.2009, yes at the grocery store.
These two people make me laugh more than you could possibly imagine,
& also save my life every single day.

I wish these were better drawings, because these are such awesome people, but the goddamn customers kept wanting me to wait on them, for some reason.
I have this funny feeling that I'll get a chance to try this again though...like maybe tomorrow, back at work.

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Monday, September 28, 2009

Cirque du Coq: Part 3

Towards the end of the night Jay, songwriter for Yucky Octopus, bet me (only moments after our being introduced, mind you) that I couldn't draw his band on stage. See, this is what happens when people throw down on my MADD DRAWIN' SKILZ:

Naturally, he admitted defeat (as all gentlemen will do when confronted). As a bonus, I also drew Y.O. bassist Darren Masloshi doing his Babe Ruth / skeet shooting pose, which I admit was too epic for my sketchbook page to contain:

And then there was this guy? Yeah. Not to be confused with this guy though:

Oh, and I'm serious. I still have a couple of these posters left:
$4. Signed. 600dpi. Cardstock. Collectible (once I pump out the Cirque du Trois posters anyway). Hell, I'll even leave a lipstick print on them if that's your thing.

That's it for my Cirque du Coq though. Lisette will be blowing by through here with her drawings in a bit. Stay tuned.

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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Cirque du Coq: Part 2

Magna Mater kicked up some dust mid-set, and is also using my CdC poster on their myspace page. Super!

A bit of spoken word poetry to punctuate the evening:

Finally, Cirque du Coq brought us back to the mid 90s for a trip down industrial rock lane with Mark Alan Miller:

Next up: Jed wins a bet against Jay of Yucky Octopus (who are also also using my CdC poster. Cool! I still have a few of them left if people want to buy one for $4).

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Saturday, September 26, 2009

I Can Has The Eggplantz? & The Broccolizzz?

This is what happens when you stop living your whole life at the bar.
(not that there's anything wrong with that)
Apparently you become a crazy cat lady obsessed with drawing your gorgeous vegetables acquired at the Noho farmer's market that morning.
This equals: more DnDLOLCATZ.

dustyrose would not get off the table...
while I was creating this drawing of my vegetables from "farmer's marketing" (yes, I just invented a verb) this morning:
baby bok choi, various hot peppers, patty pan squash, broccoli, tiny japanese eggplants, & aged seven months Caprino goat cheese from Hillman Farm.
(I'm eating many of these delicious things right now),
What I did last night after work instead of Cirque du Coq.
But at least the late night meals thing persists.
Where I was drawing rather than out with the rest of DnD.
Sounds like it was fun, but hey, my midnight dinner was pretty delicious, & Dusty Rose is pretty adorable.

& I felt this should be included,
since this is a
"hey what we can all agree on if nothing else at the very least is that we all love kittens"
post. what wade folded my rent rent check into this month.
I WISHES I hazd A Cheeszburger right now. Or ten moressss kittenzzzzz.
(DnD truth #36789: when things are sad, we get silly & laugh anyway.

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Grocery Portraits, Part One.

After drawing Hillary yesterday, I realized that secretly drawing my co-workers at work is pretty similar to secretly drawing the person sitting next to you at the bar.

Such was my challenge for today then:

Carol, Cassie, Chris, & Thomas, drawn while I rang up 214 transactions on the express register on a September Saturday.
Don't worry, this challenge will totally be continued tomorrow...

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I had long heard rumors of this roving band of drunks armed with pens, paints, pencils and sketchbooks who roamed the bars of Northampton causing trouble and, more importantly, causing art. Last night, at Cirque de Coq at the Elevens, I got my chance to try my hand.

Turned out it was a lot of fun, full of great company, great music, and great acts. I also found myself both drinking and drawing, so it's nice to know this blog is exactly what it says it is.

A random fellow from the audience. His moustache sold me on drawing him.

More from the audience.

Once in a while the drinking part of the evening kicks in more than the drawing and you decide it's a good idea to draw a couple toys on the table, with varying degrees of accuracy to the source material. And this poor cowboy was missing a forearm to begin with; the Old West was not a very easy place to live.

The brush pen I had brought died earlier on in the evening, the poor thing wasting its potential on warmup drawings. This was me testing out Jed's, which he graciously let me borrow.

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Cirque du Coq: Part 1

Oh what a night. CdC went pretty well -- heard some great bands, hung out with some awesome people, ate a slice of eggplant pizza waaaaay too fast. Oh, and I made some drawings! Almost forgot.

In the Church of Rock & Roll, stained glass plays lead guitar:

Setup to a break-down:

The Golden Spurs (they're using my CdC poster as their myspace pic -- cool!), who are super nice guys AND very talented musicians. I'm hoping we get to hear more of them in Northampton:

You may notice that these drawings look nothing like the band members. That is because I look more at my paper than at my subject. Oh well.

Next up: spoken word poetry and the return of Industrial.

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Friday, September 25, 2009

"Of Course There's Tequila In The Cupcakes!"

Yes, as rumored, I recently celebrated my 31st birthday,
& I did it DnD style, aka with sloppy art, good food, & my incredible friends
(both absent & presen
t)(yup, I stole that).

Some scenes from my first day of being 31:

A very late breakfast/lunch with Melissa at Woodstar = two different versions of smoked salmon on an everything bagel with coffee...
& hers. (plus another birthday truth)
& a gorgeous thunderstormy dramatic sky above one of the views that makes me want to keep living here.
Then Rin, Melissa & I went on an adventure north, many very important objects were acquired from both food & thrift stores, & we unexpectedly found Ali in Greenfield.
The night concluded with a dinner party
& Rin winning the cupcake competition.

Yes, Rin officially wins at cupcakes.
These margarita cupcakes really did included tequila, & were rolled in salt, in homage to our favorite book. Wait until you try the bourbon cheese straws.
An unexpectedly awesome birthday, all around.
Thanks once more for all the birthday love.

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You Could Also Say, "Don't Trust Lobsters."

& That Would Be Equally True.
More in the spirit of recent collaborations: A page in Beth's sketchbook from my recent 31st birthday party.
The life lessons we all learned that night, & my incredibly abstract rendering of a lobster.

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We Always Said We Wanted DnD To Become "A Thing."

But I never imagined it quite like this.
Sure I bet Cirque du Coq is all awesome & crazy & creative right now, but this is what us working girls got up to at the grocery store tonight instead.

It's an ART REVOLUTION at the registers, I'm not even kidding you.
Two drawings by Caitlin (top) & Hillary (bottom).
The labels are mine.
Notice they maintain the classic the DnD position on spelling.
A tree that Hillary drew for me, & me drawing her drawing it.
& Cait's amazing contribution on the end of a roll of receipt tape
(it's actually even longer than this in reality).

Art occurring in unlikely places & made by everyone has always been one of the core values of DnD , but I'm personally really impressed that we've managed to take it this far.
ART IN THE GROCERY STORE, PEOPLE. This doesn't happen just every day.
Or maybe it does.
We put the food in the bags, & we also do this. Right, Rin?

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Death Vessel Mark Schwaber & Others

The night we were late,
Patrick Swayze died.
We floated away on a raft of empty vitamin bottles,
down a river of red wine
and woke up washed ashore by rainbow rain.

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Epic Elevens-ness

Josh Burkett and Sita, string-ed goddess

A strong armed drummer and the voice away from the microphone (makes us want more)

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Josh & Samara

@ the Elevens.

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Jed, as a birdfish

life's aspiration met.
bar higher, set.

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So CdC is tonight, which means that for the next several days the blog will be under siege by Coq-related drawings. Time to clean out the archives!

First up, crows with Tourette's:
Or maybe they're just assholes?

Brendan's party! Most of this is Lisette's, actually:

Hamlet minor (?) at The Elevens:

So that's that. Get ready for a lot of bullshit from tonight's event. Doors open at 9:30 -- hope you can come!

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

CdC is Tomorrow

Hey local fans of Drinking and Drawing, Cirque du Coq is tomorrow night at the Elevens. I had done up some shirt designs for the event, but couldn't find a printer in time to turn them into anything more robust than a jpeg:

You should come! The show itself will be pretty nuts, but on top of that you'll get to see us drawing. Which is always a pleasure maybe.

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Oh, and,

Happy Birthday, Liz.

Drinking and Drawing (The concept and the collective.)

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sketchbook explosion

Since everyone keeps bugging me about posting I'm really just dropping some random things that I was drinking either water, coffee, wine, or tea while drawing. Which is pretty much anything.

Can you guess which one I did at work? haha

More later.

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