Sunday, January 31, 2010

Britney Applies For Food Stamps & Visits The Grocery Store.

Well, no she didn't really...
(but I had a week in which I attempted to fill out our food stamps application, sold a shit ton of overpriced groceries to hypocritical rich people, & had a few spectacular eating disorder-related meltdowns).
I didn't realize this Britney collage thing was gonna be a series, but here we are, 3 parts later.
Part 3: Food Stamps/Meals In Minutes/Grocery Lists
#1. SNAP: Too Expensive.
#2. Deadly Diet: local people. local food. local money.
#3. 1-866-FOOD: help us fill in the carrot.
Yup, some more observations from the grocery store. Particularly the tabloid aisle (I wish
co-ops had one).
I romantically still believe print media will save us all.

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Friday, January 22, 2010

Actual drawings drawn in actual bars, actually.

I actually went to a bar and drew these. Can you even believe it?

The bar was The Moan and Dove and the bar tender(ess) was Scotti:

She recommended some very nice beers, indeed! I know more about wine than I know about beer so I love being totally schooled!

Emerald did some Habitat for Humanity stuff.

Show 'em whatcha got.

Now a serious question: Would there be interest in purchasing work where all proceeds would go to funding Haiti relief?



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Thursday, January 21, 2010

In Which Britney Teaches Us Something More About Ourselves.

"These Are The Rules:
Sriracha, Meatballs, Horses, Double Britneys, Endangered Wildlife,
Ok! Dec. 09, Cosmo Oct. 09, Things I Didn't Plan."
#1: We've Never Been Happier.
#2: Oops, I Did It Again! (The Question No Guy Can Resist).
#3: Sexy Ass Wedding.
#4: Ready (for) Bad Girl Sex.
#5: Ingredient/Dish of the Year
(Sriracha/Meatballs) (Sean Preston/Jayden James).
Yes, I am still here, if only occasionally.
Heyyyyyyeaaaaaah, DnD.
XO, liz. (EnD).

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Monday, January 18, 2010

How Jedidiah Got His Groove Back

As I've gained technical ability and experience over the past year, the sensation has crept over me that a certain spark is going out of my portraits. Months ago I felt compelled to lend some ontological purpose to my work, and the best / worst I could come up with was "fuck you, imma do what I want." You may scoff at the banality of my description, but I have a massive chip on my shoulder about art and I wouldn't want to endow my works with the same self conscious neediness I exhibit. They should be tough enough to stand up for themselves and critics be damned.

"Polish" and "Attitude" don't often coexist in the same portrait, so I was glad to see that all I needed to give my work legs again was a little re-exposure to "fuck you, imma do what I want." Enter the World War II club:

Where else can you find so much "fuck you, imma do what I want" just floating around in the air? The bar is practically mortared with the stuff:
Notice that reversal up there? That's one of Lisette's signature moves. Yeah, I feel like we also used to learn from each other here on this blog.

And sometimes I just have to draw a robot:

Or weird punk-rock Paul McCartney:
Think that's dumb? Yeah? Well "fuck you, imma do what I want."

I don't mean to turn into a preachy jackass on the blog here: that's not what Drinking and Drawing is for. But we're sneaking up on our first anniversary, and certain observations are becoming difficult to avoid.

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Friday, January 15, 2010

Cirque du Imminence

Cirque du Trois is right around the corner: January 30th, to be precise. These little media circuses are always fun, and also one of the only places you can see a real Drinking and Drawing "performance." So come on by, and buy us drinks. Much as with the two previous events, I worked on the poster:

I'm actually not super happy with how this one came out. I'm down with the original drawings, which I'll post later, but the poster just fails to tickle my ticklish bits. Ah well, lessons learned.

Some folks seem to fancy it though, and if you're one of them delicious (and signed) 17 x 11 prints will be on sale for like $4 or $5 at the show.

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Friday, January 8, 2010

Back on Track

With long-time ally Brian finally resident in Northampton, things are shaping up for one hell of a winter. Already I'm back to drawing lonely men at Hugo's more regularly than I was even a month ago:

And, I got to meet Lisette's cool uncle, Jim:

Then we hit The Elevens to see a one-night-only Amazing Love and get waaaaay too drunk:

Thankfully these china markers I'm getting into are really forgiving:

Also, has anyone else noticed how much worse I was at this a year ago? Jesus, looking through the site archives is brutal.

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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy Birthday, Jed.


Drinking and Drawing

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Happy Birfday!

To me? As a present to myself I drew these 8 portraits of characters from The Venture Bros., which you should all go out and watch immediately.
Also, Ella's arson relief fund group has a website up now:

There will be shows at The Elevens, Sierra Grille, The Rendezvous, PACE, and Bishop's scattered throughout the next month. In the mean time, enjoy a bunch of weird portraits of cartoon characters:

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