Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pencils and Inks

So at The Elevens the other night, Kyle and I were trying a little exercise. On this first drawing I did the pencils and he did the inks with his brush pen:

On the second drawing the roles reversed:

Conclusion? I have no idea what I'm doing. But that's hardly new information.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Little Teeth is Good for You

Newest DnD member Kyle got me out last night to see Little Teeth play at The Elevens. The funny thing is, I have no idea what they played. Is this a violin? Is it a horn? You be the judge:

Also, Sean Real is the most animated drummer I think I have ever seen:

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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Beware: Zombies

So Zombie Pub Crawl Northampton 2k9 happened. Reports indicate that the only casualty was the coherency of the zombie's literary symbolism:

Um did Hello Kitty eat the zombie?

A union no honest hipster could resist:

Also, there was a strain of zombie hunters hanging out among the shambling dead. Or at least dudes dressed for some kind of a fight (mullet added for emphasis):

And Rin just had to come by and pretty up an otherwise consistent sketchbook with his portrait of my invisible zombie suit:

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

While I haven't been to bars lately due to my work schedule, I have been drawing and self-reflecting. And upon reflection, it occurred to me that I don't know how anybody could ever have liked Thomas the Tank Engine.

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Friday, October 16, 2009


I mean, I guess this is a narrative? I don't know, I'm trying to make comics which express the innate character of animals:

And their wardrobes (click to read small text):

Or just, you know, looking like a jerk:

Somehow I feel like drawing animals in bars makes even less sense than what I normally do...

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Eating Vs. Drinking & More Changes.

As part of the new format changes over here at DnD, a lot of my work that really doesn't have a whole lot to do with our favorite activity here, Drinking, is going to exist in the future over at my other blog,
Head over there for such exciting posts as the continuation of The Grocery Project, & all my crazy narrative shit.
& of course, since Eating & Drawing is in essence a food blog, that's where you'll find of all the cooking imagery as well as further scenes from the DnDnE dinners.
All of my old posts will stay up here, as well as on Eating & Drawing for some narrative continuity, but the new stuff will be posted only there.

But don't worry, y'all.
I still like drinking as much as eating, & there will always be places where the two intersect, such as this.
So you'll be seeing me over here a few times a week as well, & I hope to see you visiting (&posting!) over at EnD.
& look for a few regular contributors to this blog who also happen to be excellent cooks to pop up there as well!
Thanks for reading & looking.

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Monday, October 12, 2009

A Change of Pace at Drinking and Drawing

Hellows, all you readers of DnD!
(Yes, this is you.)

After a lot of discussion amongst our regular authors we have decided to begin altering the content of this collective art blog. Drinking and Drawing has gone through so many vacillations of content since its inception in early 2009 that we've found it hard to promote it to new readers.

To make things a little more open, both to new readers and new authors alike, we're going to start standardizing the schedule by which and the quantity of what we post. You'll still get the same flavor of insane / inane drawings you always have, but hopefully on a more regular schedule and with a greater focus on the drawings themselves.

Many of our regular contributors also have blogs of their own for you to read, such as Liz Diamond's Eating and Drawing, an epically illustrated food blog, and Rin Ascher's spectacular Supremacy Struggle. You should absolutely click those links.

We will also be easing off of the Facebook end of our community as there are a number of technical difficulties presented by administering blog content on FB which we aren't financially or practically prepared to overcome.

We hope you'll stay with us while our content shifts a bit and one day maybe even post something yourself...

The Drinking and Drawing Team

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Keep your eyes open

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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Battles with color, cont.

Battle of the Super Snake and The Guy with The Hair.
Cirque du Coq.

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Mark @ Cirque du Coq

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Thursday, October 8, 2009

The OKCupid Dating Chronicles, Jan. to Sept. 2009.

Grocery Comics Part Five.
What Happens When You Mix One Girl, One Seriously Broken Heart, A Laptop, A Lack of Money, Shit Ton Of Free Time & A Desire For Company & Adventure & Good Food & Drink.
(by request)(for another lovely elizabeth)(happy very almost birthday)
a truly beautiful awe-inspiring moment out of nowhere & one that wasn't so much of anything (vermont vs. greenfield)...
...a really stupid thing to do that turned out ok although not great, & a really sweet meeting of souls...
...incredibly delicious food but at what cost & the beginning of a series of carefully chosen adventures that were & weren't right...
...promises of tv & drinks & snacks get me to leave town for somerville on a whim & I am similarly enticed by offers of cornish game hens & bacony brussel sprouts the day after valentines day...
...a shared home town turns out to not mean that much but it was a nice evening & one of my worse decisions, but at least I got osaka sushi out of it & oh also survived...
...the best one & the most unmemorable...
...sometimes even poetry is boring & coincidence is just that...
& now, I think I'm done with this game.
But who won?

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Come back from San Fransiscooo

Jed, Maia & Joaquin at the Spoke!(rediscovered) Sweet friends!

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This is what happens if you move when I'm drawing you

don't do it!
you'll turn into a tree.

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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Some Recent Tuesdays.

Since for some bizarre Northampton reason no one ever shows up at the Basement Tuesday nights for dancing before midnight at least, here's some of what we get up to in the evening hours before that.

raspberry crumb cake & wine at melissa's 9.15.09.
the eve of my birthday, chris' apartment, 9.22.09.
& the moment just before it became my birthday, 9.22.09.
my return to hugo's after a one month absence, 10.06.09.
it was good to be back drawing people at the bar again.
'cause drawing people at the bar is still part of what I do.
don't worry, I've got a lot more of these.
& I realized last night I really should really draw george & dan djing,
so look for that soon.

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The scene of the crime.

and the gargoyle guardian of Hugo's (drawn while watching Night of The Living Dead)

I think not.

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Keep me away from the colors...

Alison and Jed's knee-dropping rendition of 'Hey Jude' at the BEST yet night a la WWII
(come early for Trivia)
...that's what she said?

Alison's perforated feet next to a perforated chair with a face?
Like I said, keep me away from the colors.

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A giant squid and Maia moving, forever ago

Wednesday night is The REAL Bad Movie night!!
(this week is a Happy Birthday to my favorite Kat involving SPICE WORLD and sweet treats!!)

Maia at Tullys while we felt Amazing Love vibrate in our chairs from next door.
...thats what she said?

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A Perfect Rainy Fall Saturday, Part Two. (What We ATE).

The continuation, & obviously the most important part,
...What We Ate...
(dinner at paul&elizabeth's)(10.3.2009)(before Ben Folds)

my salad
(I somehow forgot to eat anything else all day, so this drawing is CRAZY)
(eating vs. drawing, when you're starving but the food is beautiful)
what I ordered & I don't know if it's just cause I haven't had food cooked for me in a really long time (I'm always the cook), but this tasted pretty fucking good.
it was one of the specials. it worked.

& todd's dinner & I have to say that the tofu & broccoli at paul & elizabeth's is always delicious.
& that I kept stealing bites the whole meal.
& the aftermath, random objects left on the table while we were talking after dinner = a knife, a glass of red wine, a candle, & an almost forgotten bowl of brown rice.
Sorry it's been either a restaurant review or an illustrated cookbook 'round here lately.
oh wait I'm not sorry.
Cooking is awesome & beautiful. & drawing makes it even better.

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Monday, October 5, 2009

Bowie visits Noho and preaches of bones and cigarettes

True story.

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Ask A Southerner What They Think Of "Organic" Collard Greens, Why Don't You?

Sunday, yup, you know where, yes, grocery hell.

You know how sometimes tiny awesome things make your whole day bearable & even ok?
well cait's drawing below did that for me today.
& I overheard a completely & utterly absurd conversation about collard greens & I drew that.
I guess, more of this shit tomorrow. sigh.

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A Perfect Rainy Fall Saturday, Part One. (What Happened).

Saturday I by some miracle (OR, thanks, amy!) didn't have to work & it poured rain every single minute
& I missed the
Garlic & Arts Festival & Deerfield Town Yard Sale
& OMG! Bret Michaels at the Big E
but yet, it was a beautiful day in every way.

Saturday started out right by watching Breakfast at Tiffany's well after midnight in my living room, me for the millionth time, & getting to show this utterly fabulous movie (yup, I'm ridiculous) to someone for their first time.
(big glamorous sunglasses & croissants & coffee)
& then waking up to a rainy farmer's market morning, & pears picked for me by todd & emaline.
(this is one of my most favourite recent drawings)
later, the view from paul & elizabeth's after running there in the rain while it really poured & the wet streets sparkled.
Following dinner, Ben Folds at the Calvin.
This was drawn in almost pure dark by the way, but this concert was so excellent, I had to pull my sketchbook onto to my lap
& at least attempt draw what I felt,

Totally wonderful show, so grateful that I got to be there.
Good day, yeah.
& Part Two: What we actually ate for dinner, coming soon.

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