Monday, August 31, 2009

I know this was posted already, but now it's YELLOW.

That's what she said.

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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Bacon Avocado Jewelry Icecream Scoop Mixer Body

the joys of scissors, gourmet magazine, glue sticks and mixed drinks.

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A Week Apart

Side 1
Taking pills.
Drawing yourself watching a movie.
Two different types of earring backs on a bedside table.

Side 2
A(nother) whiskey drink.
An out-of-tune-flying-v ukulele.
A moral:

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Monika, a Cat & a Gladiola from Jenny's Garden

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Northampton > Cornish < Northampton

Elizabeth & roommate. Riding the Greyhound from Cornish, NH to Northampton, MA.
Metal garden motif and flowers from said, garden.

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Mystery Train 8.4.09

Was too hungry to look at records so painted Jenny and Wade looking at them.
(they are invisible and inside)

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(But You Say) He's Just a Friend.

'Icecream?' thinks Kat
'Tru Wuv' says the Princess Bride preacher
'Cuz baby you, got what I need
but you say he's just a friend,
you say he's just a friend'
says, most importantly, Biz Markie.

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Exquisite Corpses from Forever Ago (eight oh four oh nine)

Jedidiah Mitchell, Elizabeth Diamond, Lisette Lopez & Wade Ritchey

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Back For Another Round.

Ah, it's good to be back at the office.

Where I too can take place in challenges like this one.
I agree, Janessa really took this challenge, hands down.
An interpretive view of the DnD table...
...& an even more interpretive view involving sausages.
Stay tuned. It's gonna be a messy, creative watercolour drenched fall for DnD.

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Having A Metatexual Conversation About A Word That Doesn't Exist.

The final leg of DnDnD2K09. On the ninth day of driving, our minds vanished.

3168.4 miles. Yes I added an extra zero. For emphasis.
Driving through Pennsylvania, inventing a new grammatical structure.
At least we had an adventure involving animals maybe.
Chipmunks? Moths? Pure Evil?
I guess we're both sausages now.

We're back in town, fo' sure.

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Friday, August 28, 2009

We Now Resume Our Regular Scheduled Programming

Chris is always good for a ceremonial "welcome back" at the office:

Birthday Teppanyaki with Mike S:

Followed by a "draw Lisette Lopez" challenge which I'm pretty sure I lost:

And Janessa won:

Also, I am trying to learn to ink with a brush:

I foresee a long, clumsy road before me. Damn you Rin Alexander, and your little cupcakes too.

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Wherever Hugh goes, Glue goes

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Talkin' Trash.

Some randomness from the road trip.
Don't worry, the conversation in the car got way weirder than this by the end.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

More From The Road.

New Orleans to Baton Rouge & back to Asheville, via Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, & Tennessee, from the front passenger seat of a 1994 Subaru station wagon.

I've got the beer & the sunglasses. Those are the important things, right?
Through the Louisiana wetlands to Baton Rouge.
Your name is Jedidiah, why do you have that muffler?
Everyone knows Bubba.
Always let the driver take the pictures.
Now, if we only knew when the chipmunks decided to join us in the car...

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That French Broad Destroyed Me

In Asheville, at our new home away from home, the Bier Garden, there's this incredible local beer called the French Broad Wee-Heavy. $3.50 a pint & around 7%. It's safe to say that that beer did many terrible things to Drinking & Drawing.
Asheville, we love you, but we're not sure we could survive living in you.
Or if we did, Jed might never wear pants, & I might end up being the one with the short shorts.
Thanks Asheville, for showing us such an awesome time.
We met a lot of great people in you, & we'll be back someday.

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Monday, August 24, 2009

It's Like We're Already Locals

Behold, the epic Jaron of Asheville in his natural habitat:

Also, from the road: this is what Liz drinks. Constantly. I do not understand:
Do you?

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Be Careful. Don't Break No Hearts.

Jack's Place. Port Allen, Louisiana.
Where we learned that Southern ladies are better.

Heading North.

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We Weren't Kidding About the Gator.

What We Ate In Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
Thanks Chris & Ginny. That was incredible.

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Y'all Do Shots of Jager?

We assumed that was a rhetorical question. Isn't it?
Thanks, Wendy.

Very hungover on the bank of the Mississippi at Jackson Square the next morning, drawing some birds & drinking a tallboy in a paperbag.
Then we headed to Baton Rouge/Port Allen, Louisiana. Drawings to follow whenever we next set up jed's scanner by the side of the highway.
Currently back at the Bier Garden in Asheville, daydreaming about the meal we ate in Baton Rouge last night (oh hells yeah I drew it).

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No Explanation Needed.

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One Beer Ain't Gonna Hurt You, Boy: New Orleans, LA.

We wake up in New Orleans. We find a cat. One of many.

Then we find a crab sandwich.
& wind up in the Bywater BBQ, my drinking spot from back in the day.
Followed by the free shrimp boil at the R bar in the Marigny that made all of our lives a little better. As did the $5 PBR & double shot of jameson special.
Much later in the evening we also found this order of broccoli & cheese at the verti mart, & ate it at Harry's in the French Quarter with more PBR.
By some incredible twist of fate we also found Wendy at the R Bar, who took us down the Bourbon Mile.
& then we had a moment on the bank of the Mississippi River.
Thank you to Liz & David for their amazing hospitality, Wendy & Co. for taking the drunkeness up another level, Rascal & Dixie for being awesome, Jaron for his patience while jed & I took hours to upload some drawings, & the man with the harmonica for creating that moment.

Current Location: Port Allen, Louisiana.
Stay tuned for the drawings I did last night from a small town South Louisiana bar, possibly posted from a Waffle House. If we can find one. Anywhere. Or everywhere.

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