Sunday, August 23, 2009

One Beer Ain't Gonna Hurt You, Boy: New Orleans, LA.

We wake up in New Orleans. We find a cat. One of many.

Then we find a crab sandwich.
& wind up in the Bywater BBQ, my drinking spot from back in the day.
Followed by the free shrimp boil at the R bar in the Marigny that made all of our lives a little better. As did the $5 PBR & double shot of jameson special.
Much later in the evening we also found this order of broccoli & cheese at the verti mart, & ate it at Harry's in the French Quarter with more PBR.
By some incredible twist of fate we also found Wendy at the R Bar, who took us down the Bourbon Mile.
& then we had a moment on the bank of the Mississippi River.
Thank you to Liz & David for their amazing hospitality, Wendy & Co. for taking the drunkeness up another level, Rascal & Dixie for being awesome, Jaron for his patience while jed & I took hours to upload some drawings, & the man with the harmonica for creating that moment.

Current Location: Port Allen, Louisiana.
Stay tuned for the drawings I did last night from a small town South Louisiana bar, possibly posted from a Waffle House. If we can find one. Anywhere. Or everywhere.

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