Monday, January 18, 2010

How Jedidiah Got His Groove Back

As I've gained technical ability and experience over the past year, the sensation has crept over me that a certain spark is going out of my portraits. Months ago I felt compelled to lend some ontological purpose to my work, and the best / worst I could come up with was "fuck you, imma do what I want." You may scoff at the banality of my description, but I have a massive chip on my shoulder about art and I wouldn't want to endow my works with the same self conscious neediness I exhibit. They should be tough enough to stand up for themselves and critics be damned.

"Polish" and "Attitude" don't often coexist in the same portrait, so I was glad to see that all I needed to give my work legs again was a little re-exposure to "fuck you, imma do what I want." Enter the World War II club:

Where else can you find so much "fuck you, imma do what I want" just floating around in the air? The bar is practically mortared with the stuff:
Notice that reversal up there? That's one of Lisette's signature moves. Yeah, I feel like we also used to learn from each other here on this blog.

And sometimes I just have to draw a robot:

Or weird punk-rock Paul McCartney:
Think that's dumb? Yeah? Well "fuck you, imma do what I want."

I don't mean to turn into a preachy jackass on the blog here: that's not what Drinking and Drawing is for. But we're sneaking up on our first anniversary, and certain observations are becoming difficult to avoid.

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  1. Nice! I'm really digging the chest hair one.


  2. Nice, thanks man. Just out of curiosity, what grocery store do you work for?