Sunday, June 28, 2009

Cirque Du Filet, Part One

The evening began at my apartment where Liz and I pregamed while I sloppily sketched itinerant model Jennifer. From photos, such foolishness.

Things only got more interesting when I busted out the sharpie and the disembodied axioms and threw caution to the wind. It was a sign of the direction the night was heading.

Finally, on with the show. You like my Mignola-esque portraits?

Here Liz and I had a competition to draw this person. She'll post her version when it's sufficiently drowned in color just to show up my sharpie.

And then this loudmouth came on the microphone. I have to apologize, much as I enjoy banteringly shitting on Rob Murphy he's actually a cool guy and this is like the ugliest portrait ever. Sorry about that. It's not you, it's me?

To be continued. Liz?

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