Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Dirty Truth and Sierra Grille

"Is that me?" Austin asked as I was furiously scribbling and spasmodically glancing up at Jim
"No." I was not interested in humoring him
"Can I be next?" He wasn't going to let me off that easy
He promised to stay still, no one ever stays still
The Dirty Truth

Rare is the subject who does not misinterpret my desire to draw coupled with their convenient location, this is Jim.
The Dirty Truth

The lead singer verbally abused a friend of mine while I was drawing. I didn't hear it until after wards, upon which I wanted to shatter his knee caps and body slam him into the beer taps repeatedly followed by filling his lungs with a syrupy stout until it leaked from his eyes, but the drawing is kind of nice.
Sierra Grille

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  1. See, I actually want my subjects moving around all the time! Maybe that's just what I use as an excuse for why my drawings are of such variable quality, but whatever.

    Also, remind me to not cross you.

  2. 'variable quality'? You draw more consistently well than many people I know, regardless of your BAC. Pshaw, and yes, I'll remind you.

  3. lisette, I just actually read that description, omg awesome. I love you also, but, yeah, it is a good drawing.