Monday, October 12, 2009

A Change of Pace at Drinking and Drawing

Hellows, all you readers of DnD!
(Yes, this is you.)

After a lot of discussion amongst our regular authors we have decided to begin altering the content of this collective art blog. Drinking and Drawing has gone through so many vacillations of content since its inception in early 2009 that we've found it hard to promote it to new readers.

To make things a little more open, both to new readers and new authors alike, we're going to start standardizing the schedule by which and the quantity of what we post. You'll still get the same flavor of insane / inane drawings you always have, but hopefully on a more regular schedule and with a greater focus on the drawings themselves.

Many of our regular contributors also have blogs of their own for you to read, such as Liz Diamond's Eating and Drawing, an epically illustrated food blog, and Rin Ascher's spectacular Supremacy Struggle. You should absolutely click those links.

We will also be easing off of the Facebook end of our community as there are a number of technical difficulties presented by administering blog content on FB which we aren't financially or practically prepared to overcome.

We hope you'll stay with us while our content shifts a bit and one day maybe even post something yourself...

The Drinking and Drawing Team

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