Monday, July 13, 2009

the 11's: some bands, some hipsters, some art (no wait, that's just us)

hey, Drinking & Drawing loves the Elevens. so many bands, so many drunk people, so many awkward experiences. what happened last week, you wonder?

Space Captain , 7.10.09. (jed's drawing is WAY better). "I want to do that, only DRUNK-jed." audience at ten on the tenth, or elizabeth macduffie + a guy wearing a hat. I thought it was a stupid hat, but possibly I am overly judgmental when it comes to fashion.
some drunk girls, + still more dudes in hats. that pretty much sums up the 11's, many nights. ten on the tenth.
POOL ROOM: girl playing pool, plus a cartoon of jed & I drawing in the pool room. DnD meets your average non-hipster drunk person in northampton.
Beauty Feast, 7.12.09. They were really really great.
& we can't forget Bunny's A Swine. As always, all Drinking & Drawing has to say is: Eat A Cheeseburger, Guy. 7.12.09.
Good times, 11's. but seriously, your girls bathroom is off the hook disgusting, & I've spent a lot of time in the bar bathrooms of brooklyn, san francisco, & new orleans, so I know what I'm talking about. Do something about that please, 11's? we love you otherwise, xoxo Drinking & Drawing.

Stay tuned for further adventures in music, art, & ridiculousness.

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