Saturday, July 18, 2009

further adventures of toast & the dragoncat

Toast & the Dragoncat: celebrities in our own minds. y'all getting sick of our private jokes running this show yet? Well, don't worry, it's only gonna get worse from here.

some crazy nonsense at kathy's diner, 7.16.09. jed said something about straight boys that was probably truly brilliant & I wrote it down on this page but I can't read it now & neither of us can remember what it was. & I drew some eggs (classic liz), & we drew our BAND personas.
jed: "I just finally got a picture of what your life is like." (& then he fell over laughing). yeah. Us, trapped in the Land of Burger Grease.
jed, again incredibly poorly drawn, (my bad drawings of jed series), colouring in his classic drawing of me as a sausage. jed, the ENTIRE INTERNET is waiting for the watercoloured version to be posted. Get on that. (YAY EXCESSIVE LINKS TO OUR OWN BLOG). jono in the corner watching us from across the bar (I draw jono better than jed apparently). plus some advice on boys from cosmo & jed's BEST QUOTE EVER, paraphrased & misquoted by me. but he still really said essentially that. & my whole body still hurts from laughing.
Drinking & Drawing: "I'm like george clooney. & we have condoms in our business plan." (paraphrasing & misquoting is fun).

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