Friday, July 31, 2009

just a sneak preview...

of awesome, incredible, awe-inspiring, cannot be expressed yet on the internet, things to come.
just sayin'. rin's portrait of the three of us, having the most fun ever.
on the other page, me scribbling out my frustrations with the fact that I couldn't see the stage. hey everyone get out of our way, we're Drinking & Drawing, we'll fuck your shit up. We need to be able to see the fucking bands, y'all. or otherwise I just sit in the booth & drink beer & draw things like this.

also, everyone, wasn't July a good month for DnD? Review the archives, July 2009 really ruled. Milkshakes, bacon, arabian princes, asses, not killing yourself, sunflowers, PBR,
south deerfield = crap, glitter, cosmo quizes, the fourth of july, thursdays! toast & the dragoncat, thunder, cute girls, & the sierra grille. wow. what a month. SERIOUSLY. check it out.

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