Friday, July 31, 2009

thursday thursday

ah, thursday nights. DnD night. it's great when your weekly drinking/art group is providing your major source of life security. but whatever. Myself, & of course the rest of the internet, we can always count on thursday nights for AWESOME. & that's what she said.

it's finally (sort of ) like summer here in northampton, SO...OBVIOUSLY...outdoor DnD. we headed to Veracruzana & scored the prime outdoor table. On a reasonably summer like night (come on summer 09, come on already) beer + food + evening light = the perfect conditions for DnD. While I was waiting for jed to find our food, here is a girl on a bike in a snappy striped shirt. while I was drawing her, the noho police were hassling a possibly crazy homeless man. He kept saying, "I'm not drunk. hassle the people who are drunk." & although I wasn't even drinking yet, I still thought he was talking about us. plus beers & art supplies on our table. I love how socially awkward it is for us to draw outside on main street. Someday, people will tell their children about us, how very much art geeks we were.
Linkour food. Drinking & Deliciousness series. I really like food being involved in our DnD activities, we need to keep this shit up. fuck yes, yum.
off to the office to watch True Lies & do some watercolour & some clean up, then to the sierra grille for the second anniversary of Reanimate the Baystate. Mark Sheehan in a classic pose, texting/taking cell phone pictures at the edge of the stage.
alison & rebecca dancing at sierra tonight. & a raffle ticket. jed won a gift certificate to sierra. DnD as a collective better be seeing some food, yo. & drawing it of course. Jed draws the asses, I draw the snacks.
& finally, alison & rebecca's DnD contributions.
yeah, I could have been packing tonight, but food/music/beer/friends/conversation & DRAWING are clearly more important. we all gotta have our things that keep us sane, y'all, & sometimes that's better than practicality. WTF will happen NEXT WEEK? OMG. OMG.

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  1. I like this representation of me better than Jed's (Sorry Jed, You made me look fat and I'm very self conscious about that and my hair looked awful, so I guess you are to be thanked for inspiring my new haircut which has recieved many a compliment), this looks better though I know on pic #2 on right it's my arm it still looks like a cleavage line and if I'm self conscious about weight , manboobs comes in a close 2nd! Thanks for being a part of mine, ours and Noho's Local musiciams 2 Year Anniversary! Next giveaway Prize Show Oct 20th Halloween Celebration! Gein & The Graverobbers (A Zombie Surf band) EVIL BILL and Doomsday Ladies- very scary band names!