Wednesday, July 15, 2009

just another night in northampton (this time with bacon).

lisette's room, & some objects present on her floor while we were getting ready to go out. & go out we did. 11's, bishops, the whole circuit, & I didn't draw any of it. but it began here, with those cowboy boots & that keyboard. 7.13.09.
earlier that night, I attended izaac's incredible bacon potluck party. these were some of the highlights (for me) (all drawn from memory on the balcony at bishop's later). aurora's bacon eclair with maple filling & her bacon jalapeƱo poppers (aurora rules), the spicy bacon bloody mary with bacon shrimp (izaac's creation? idk), & justin's bacon deviled eggs. I never got to try the bacon ice cream (sad face). my drawing of my own bacon lasagna coming later. I love hanging out & drinking with serious food people.
yup, just a typical night in noho. bacon party, drinking wine with an awesome lady, & the usual bars & music & dancing & such. I think lisette drew me at some point that night, while I was recreating the bacon snacks in my sketchbook. DnD. yeah. this is how we roll.

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