Sunday, July 19, 2009

Nothing Good Ever Happens in South Deerfield

if this "art" thing ever fails, we are going to take our standup comedy routine on the road. 7.16.09. rin, jed, & I, hugo's, talking trash. or talking art. same thing. classic DnD. also, remember rin? he really should post more.

rin: "girls are hot." jed: "yes, & when I draw them they look like men with eyelashes." liz: "when did I become such an abstract expressionist?"
(everyone: "cornucopia of pabst.")

jed: "speaking of skanky looking girls, I had the craziest thing happen to me last week."
Drinking & Drawing: It's ok, but it's not pornography.
jed: "you can't really hide behind a pencil. you sure as fuck can't hide behind an ink brush." & the TRUE INTERNET CLASSIC : "how does anyone tell anything? NIPPLES."
ah yes. sorry South Deerfield, but Drinking & Drawing can't argue with the opinion of EVERYONE ON EARTH.
Drinking & Talking: Jed comes up with the astonishingly awesome phrases, I provide the collage backdrop & the scribbling.

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