Thursday, September 17, 2009

What's The Subtext?

Sometimes there really isn't any.
You may be imagining the messages laced into the drawings. A drawing is just a drawing is just a drawing is just a drawing.
To explain it too much makes it a novel.

A drawing that doesn't mean what you think it does.
(this drawing is complicated) & what I ate while drawing it, from DnD dinner 9.16.09 with beth.
(I was crying while I ate this, but not about what you think)
Seriously, we all got our shit,
but you dance, you cry, you breathe, you try to be open & accept things, & you appreciate the people who let you cry & also are thrilled by glitter flowers.
& you draw, above all else.

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  1. This post isn't about me, but I can still tell it's full of shit.

  2. just curious, why? cause I always want to know these things. & I can honest say 100% no one reading this blog knows what this is really about. unless my gramma seriously learned how to use the internet recently. Which I hope not, because she doesn't need to know that I'm upset about her health right now.