Thursday, September 10, 2009

DnD Has Many Faces.

Tonight, for a different sort of DnD, dinner with the always lovely Beth at my apartment.

A Drawing from Beth,
an even more old school contributor to the classic Art Parties on Prospect Street than
Matt D. even.
Lady, so nice to have you out & drawing again.
My drawing of Beth across my kitchen table. I assume she understands that I am not the portraitist of this operation, & that my drawings of people are more about how I feel & less about how people actually look, cause this one is really pretty sloppy for such a gorgeous lady.
& of course we ate a delicious dinner, 'cause I am always about bringing the cooking back into the drinking & drawing.
So, a Thursday DnD at my apartment with an old friend instead of back at the office with the mostly new ones. Pretty seriously nice actually.
Although, it's not even 11pm, & this thursday sure ain't over yet.
So who knows what happens next?
(this post dedicated to beth, for not being one of those who avoids the drama, happy three days until your birthday, dear).

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