Wednesday, September 16, 2009

This Is A Bad Place To Be With Something To Think About.

(Yes I Borrowed That Title)
Still More Comics From The Grocery Aisles.
Work just hasn't gotten anymore interesting.
So certain old memories are being relived,
in the classic "comics on old sales flyer scrap paper drawn in between transactions" format.

Today's version

"What Happened A Year Ago:
A Story Not Unrelated To The Grocery Store"
a shared favourite song plays miraculously while ordering sierra nevadas at the iron horse & sharing origin stories.
A conversation goes on too long & is way too meaningful, two nights in a row & a trust is built on a shared love of particular condiments.
the first time, & then again. & a birthday party that really wasn't but at least there were sparkling lights, a corsage of sorts, & rock music back when I enjoyed that sort of thing.
& late night diner visits almost never go wrong for me.

a day together & a beginning, or at least the promise of one. & where I met one of the best breakfast sandwiches I have ever known. & had a pretty perfect birthday.
Even if you still suck, South Deerfield.

a leap of faith, & a month or so of perfect sundays.
there was definitely more. is definitely more to come.
this is where "this is different this is special" came from.
this is what I think about at work.

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