Monday, September 28, 2009

Cirque du Coq: Part 3

Towards the end of the night Jay, songwriter for Yucky Octopus, bet me (only moments after our being introduced, mind you) that I couldn't draw his band on stage. See, this is what happens when people throw down on my MADD DRAWIN' SKILZ:

Naturally, he admitted defeat (as all gentlemen will do when confronted). As a bonus, I also drew Y.O. bassist Darren Masloshi doing his Babe Ruth / skeet shooting pose, which I admit was too epic for my sketchbook page to contain:

And then there was this guy? Yeah. Not to be confused with this guy though:

Oh, and I'm serious. I still have a couple of these posters left:
$4. Signed. 600dpi. Cardstock. Collectible (once I pump out the Cirque du Trois posters anyway). Hell, I'll even leave a lipstick print on them if that's your thing.

That's it for my Cirque du Coq though. Lisette will be blowing by through here with her drawings in a bit. Stay tuned.

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