Wednesday, September 9, 2009

As Summer Draws To A Close...

...some drawings from an early August trip to Cape Cod that never got posted due to pre-DnDnD2k09 excitement.
(Family, Friends, Food,

& all the complications that ensue.)

First night leftovers dinner in the guest room at my mom's house, when that sort of thing was still comforting.
The next morning, a classic trip to the sparrow & what was formerly new york bagels, followed by even more classic cape cod church thriftstoring. Oh, Joanie's.
2nd night of the visit, when the leftovers all alone in my room thing gets angry, & way too reminiscent of high school.
But then, a fabulous lunch with gramma the next day at Clancy's.
"It's too early for a martini so I guess I'll have a margarita."

& then we went to job lot & the astonishingly good dennis marshall's.
heart heart heart, gramma, guess where my personality came from?
Followed by a much needed dinner party with jed & melissa back in noho at my then brand new apartment. First shared meal at the new apartment, in fact.
& I believe jed drew us both bending over a lot while unpacking books in short skirts, & then we all went to the 11's to dance, cause it was wednesday.
This brief moment of summer 2009, brought to you by my current need to remember the more innocent times.

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