Saturday, September 26, 2009


I had long heard rumors of this roving band of drunks armed with pens, paints, pencils and sketchbooks who roamed the bars of Northampton causing trouble and, more importantly, causing art. Last night, at Cirque de Coq at the Elevens, I got my chance to try my hand.

Turned out it was a lot of fun, full of great company, great music, and great acts. I also found myself both drinking and drawing, so it's nice to know this blog is exactly what it says it is.

A random fellow from the audience. His moustache sold me on drawing him.

More from the audience.

Once in a while the drinking part of the evening kicks in more than the drawing and you decide it's a good idea to draw a couple toys on the table, with varying degrees of accuracy to the source material. And this poor cowboy was missing a forearm to begin with; the Old West was not a very easy place to live.

The brush pen I had brought died earlier on in the evening, the poor thing wasting its potential on warmup drawings. This was me testing out Jed's, which he graciously let me borrow.

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  1. Woo! These came out awesome. My favorite is still the guy with the mustache. Oh, and welcome to DnD.